Climate Control

Benefits to Climate Controlled Storage

If you’ve never heard of the term “climate-controlled”, don’t feel alone. Unless you’ve used self-storage before, you’ve probably never heard of the term. It’s simply a common term in our industry for referring to space that is heated and cooled. You might be wondering now, “why is that important?”

Well, for starters not all storage units have “climate control”.This means that your valuable items may not be protected from the weather elements; most devastating are the dramatic swings in temperature which may wreak havoc on temperature-sensitive possessions. For example, if you are storing antiques, photographs, electronics, or artwork.

Climate controlled spaces are equipped with heating and air conditioning, which reduces the humidity in the air and keeps the temperature at safe, moderate levels. This ensures your belongings are protected against extreme temperatures or rapid fluctuations in the air, a common cause of damage and spoilage. Your personal comfort is also ensured. No matter what the temperature is outside, you stay comfortable moving and arranging inside your unit. At Storage Zone, we pride ourselves on being your “Climate-Controlled Specialist”. We will help you determine if climate controlled space is right for you. Your best interests are most important to us, and we want to ensure the protection of your belongings.